Orlando, 2010

A three-day workshop on video analysis for university and college faculty was held at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL. Twenty-six college and university faculty and instructional staff members attended. It began at 2:00 PM on Tuesday, January 5, 2010 and ran through 7:00 PM on Thursday January 7.

Workshop Leaders: Bob Teese (RIT), Pat Cooney (Millersville University) and Maxine Willis (Dickinson College)

Tentative Schedule for the Three-Day Workshop

Day 1

2:00 PM: Welcome and Introductions • Break • Overview of Video Analysis, VideoPoint and Logger Pro • Mathematical Modeling • Dinner • LivePhoto Curriculum Hands-on Session

Day 2

Breakfast • PER Results • LivePhoto ILD • Break • Introduction to Video Capture and Analysis • Hands-on Video Capture and Analysis • Lunch • Assessment of Learning - Action Research Kits • Implementation Issues • Break • Implementation Project Planning • Dinner • Implementation Projects

Day 3

Breakfast • Equipment and Software Issues • Implementation Projects • Break • Implementation Projects • Lunch • Project Presentations • Break • Project Presentations • Dinner • Reunion: Seminar with previous participants • Follow-up Planning; Listserv & Wiki Usage; Wrap-up; Evaluation

Hosted by the Physics Department at RIT

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